Sunday, November 6, 2011

Recap - Swim for Them 2011

As they say in the moviemaking business, Swim for Them 2011 is a wrap. And what a production it was! Nine swimmers swam 70 km (that's 43.5 miles, or 3,080 lengths of our 25-yard pool) in the course of raising $9,559.85 for five charities. Compared with 2010, we tripled our participation and more than doubled our fundraising!

But as exciting as those figures are, Swim for Them is not about numbers. It's about empowering swimmers to make a difference. It's about creating support opportunities for our community. It's about inspiring our children to help their neighbors in creative ways. More than anything, it's about serving a loving God through loving action.

Thanks to the generosity of friends and the muscles of the swimmers, children will be healed at St. Jude. Beds, meals, and encouragement will be offered by Hope Haven and Second Harvest. Boys will take positive steps toward manhood through scouting. And research will advance the search for a cure to Alzheimer's Disease.

THANK YOU to our swimmers, our families, and our friends. As we officially close out Swim for Them 2011, enjoy this brief montage created by Cynthia Perdue. But be ready... It might fire you up to swim in 2012. ;-)

Grace and peace,
Greg Wellman

PS: The 2011 photo gallery is also ready.