Friday, October 12, 2012

Swim for Them 2012 Recap

Swim for Them 2012 has drawn to a close, and it's been a year of incredible growth and explosive blessings.  Twenty swimmers swam 71 miles in the course of raising over $22,000 for eighteen charities!  One of the most special numbers to me is this...  Over 460 individual donations were made toward that $22,000 total.  That's 460 decisions to help a friend, coworker, or family member make a difference.

But as exciting as those figures are, Swim for Them is not about numbers. Just as we said in 2011, Swim for Them is about empowering swimmers to make a difference. It's about creating support opportunities for our community. It's about inspiring our children to help their neighbors in creative ways. More than anything, it's about serving a loving God through loving action.

 Thanks in part to this partnership between swimmers and donors:
  • Special needs children will ride horses at Small Miracles Therapeutic Equestrian Center
  • Heroes will receive treatment through the Wounded Warrior Project
  • Animals will receive help from the SBK Animal Center and the JCWC Animal Shelter
  • Johnson City women will be helped to by the River Ministry
  • Meals will be served to Kingsport's own at the Kitchen of Hope
  • Children will receive the blessings of outdoorsmanship through OE4A
  • Children will be healed at St Jude
  • Children will learn at Miller Perry Elementary
  • Second Harvest Food Bank will feed people throughout the Tri-Cities
  • Children across the globe will receive education and love through Compassion International
  • Local boys will learn lessons in manhood through Rise Up
  • Buffalo Mountain Camp will be rebuilt
  • Cancer research will be further down the path toward a cure
  • Sudanese orphans will watch their new home as it's constructed
  • Compassionate Friends will help families as they grieve unimaginable loss

THANK YOU to our swimmers, our families, and our friends. As we officially close out Swim for Them 2012, enjoy this brief montage.  But be ready... It might fire you up to swim in 2013, and we have more growing to do!  ;-)

Grace and peace,
Greg Wellman

PS: The 2012 photo gallery is also ready.